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The Assessment Process

Complete the form below to initiate the first step toward an assessment of your qualifications for a Competency degree validation and award.
THE DiULUS SCHOOL of Graduate Studies will contact you regarding its determination of your eligibility. There is no charge for the initial valuation of eligibility.
This form is only a preliminary indication of interest. Once reviewed, further responses may be required to determine the full extent of eligibility and potential as a candidate to matriculate for a particular competency based academic  degree.

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Zero Fee to Determine Eligibility

Consulting Fees are based on an individual's presentation of their Prior Learning Assessments (PLA) to a qualifying accredited college are payable at the following rates:
Masters Degree - $700
Doctoral Degree - $1000
THE DiULUS SCHOOL of Graduate Studies guides a candidate through the entire PLA process to obtain the degree, helps negotiate the fees for degree assignment by the host university and provides the candidate with the blueprint to satisfy the reqiurements for an accredited degree.

THE DiULUS SCHOOL of Graduate Studies Advisory Fees are contingent upon a candidates decision to engage THE SCHOOL in developing a fully acceptable Prior Learning Assessment; an assessment that is compatible with competency requirements of DiULUS SCHOOL of Graduate Studies recommended and selected colleges that offers accredited competency based degrees.