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SCHOOL of Graduate Studies offers professional individuals seeking academic recognition that is commensurate with their level of expertise highly qualified academic advice and consultation to acquire the recognition the candidate may desire.
Competency valuations ares based on a candidates professional development history including the potential validation of all prior learning and experience acquired to achieve their current level of expertise. The goal is to demonstrate the equivalency to traditional academic study channels that are comparable to the experience and professional development of the individual seeking the degree recognition.
SCHOOL of Graduate Studies provides individual assessment of whether or not individuals seeking such a masters, or doctorate degree are qualified candidates. Competency assessments determine degree opportunities. The School offers professional guidance on how to develop individual prior learning assessments for submission and to what accredited colleges and universities individual competencies can be submitted for recognition and degree awards.
Providers of Competency Degree Recognition
Virtually all US accredited universities and hundreds of foreign universities accept various levels of competency based prior learning. Individual programs come from an elite cadre of participating colleges and universities that offer qualified individuals complete degrees based on each candidates personal competency in a particular field of expertise.
Shortfalls in Demonstrated Competency
Where applicants lack various courses or programs THE SCHOOL of Graduate Studies will guide the individual to courses and programs that will help fill in the gaps to complete a degree's total requirements. Many of those courses can be obtained tuition free and the SCHOOL will survey and recommend those potential programs that will not require the candidate to pay tuition for courses that are offered without cost but will satisfy a particular GAP in the Competency Plan.
Although there are no tuition free competency based degree programs, THE SCHOOL of Graduate Studies is working to develop such a needed division within the field of higher education for those unable to pay for or afford the high cost of a legitimate competency based degree that is recognized worldwide. Each of the School's principal competency based degree programs it recommends to potential candidates to pursue include any field the potential candidates are accomplished experts with at least five to seven years of professional experience for a Masters and seven to ten years for Doctorates in any field in which a candidate has elevated their competency equivalency to that of a graduate with a comparable level of expertise from a traditional college.
Competency Studies Program Accreditation & Partnership
Once an individual's submission of professional history is assessed, THE SCHOOL will advise the potential candidate what gaps, if any, in the sought after degree exist. What can be done to remedy the shortfalls of any gaps as well as what schools would look favorably upon submission are analyzed and considered.
Competency degree granting colleges are examined for each candidate in terms of proper submissions and their costs along with the time and additional academic work required for each candidate to succeed in accomplishing their individual academic goal.
SCHOOL of Graduate Studies offers only professional advice to seasoned individual practitioners in specific fields that desire to pursue a competency based degree. The School does not offer degrees or degree programs but rather is a consultancy to help candidates determine if they can accumulate a dossier of the learning and experience they have accumulated over the years to qualify and obtain a competency based degree from a respected and accredited institution.

SCHOOL of Graduate Studies simply analyzes the professional status of those individuals seeking such advice. Fees paid to the SCHOOL for professional advice are therefore determined at the point of engagement by the SCHOOL and the individual regarding the candidates eligibility and potential to acquire a competency based graduate degree. 
SCHOOL of Graduate Studies acts in the sole capacity as an individual's Academic Consultant to those seeking higher degrees through competency based education. Assessment determines potential  for prior learning to be submitted to qualified, approved, and accredited universities authorized by US states, US national or regional accrediting agencies approved by the US Department of Education, International education ministries, and/or CHEA recognized quality standards international accredited schools and agencies.