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Competency Based Degree Recognition
Your Degree is Waiting.....
If you are a successful business man or woman, professional, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, educator, or mature learner and wish to acquire a recognized scholastic academic qualification in recognition of your prior learning and career achievements, then THE DiULUS SCHOOL through its sponsor Global Academy will match qualified individuals with accredited competency degree program providers.
THE DiULUS SCHOOL will analyze your portfolio competencies, review and assess whether you are qualified to obtain the degree and recognition you deserve. In addition, an advisor will, if your competencies meet the School's criteria, recommend the best universities to submit your dossier for validation and award of your Bachelors, Masters or Doctoral degree.

About The Sponser                                                            
The DiULUS SCHOOL was created by Global Academy (Online), university  builders. The firm is the first publisher of ratings and rankings of all online colleges and universities in the world through the annual edition of the The Best and Worst Online Schools.


 The DiULUS SCHOOL wraps  its academic expertise into assisting individuals develop a complete competency based model. In 2012, the School's sponsor released its new online and blended university builder package, a patent-pending system labeled The Gauntlet. It is a  design that provided everything organizationally and legally that would permit any institution of higher learning the legitimate  wherewithal to create and harvest their own accredited traditional and Competency  based  degree programs.
 A Decade in Development                                
Knowledge of what is required from professionals to demonstrate their particular expertise in packaging Prior Learning Acquisition saw the creation  of The DiULUS SCHOOL to prepare  potential degree candidates for their personal journey to display equivalency of work they have accomplished that measures at a minimum  to the rigor required of learning the skills traditionally in an accredited institution  of higher learning.